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ebod is an electronic publisher, providing a place for the (as yet) unpublished author to put their work in front of an audience or the published author who wants to try something different.
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In our pages you will find essays, novellas, novels, meanderings, poetry, theses, thoughts and just plain "pennings" ready for you to download - some chapter by chapter. You will also find some rare & out-of-print works.
I want to order some Manuscript Covers for my personal print-out copies
Coming soon - Print-on-demand so you'll be able to order your favourite in paperback as well. And have it printed just for you - no lengthy waits - it's printed, bound and despathched within hours.
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Contacting us:

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General enquiries

Authors & Agents

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Editor, ebod, PO Box 34, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1WX, England

Authors, playrights et al &/or their Agents are more than welcome to contact us

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To download the work, Subscriber or "buy-on-the-fly" Service.
The precis & book-of-the-month are always free. Some authors may offer a work for free from time-to-time;

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click here and pop off to Adobe's 'site where you can obtain a FREE download of the Reader - about 5.7MBytes; transfer time approx 25 mins @ 56k
Acrobat is multi-platform eg MSWindows, Apple Mac, Unix etc

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