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...as we wrote overleaf, the ebod is an electronic publisher, providing a place for the unpublished author to put their work in front of an audience or the published author who wants to try something different...

On the next page you will find the Language Index: - English (including Canadian and American English), many Western & Eastern European languages and dialects, Asian & more as they come on-line. From there you will select the Primary Index: essays, novellas, novels, meanderings, poetry, theses, thoughts, pennings, technical & more. Having selected the relevant heading you will then go and view the Library from where you need just select a work, click on the link and read a precis (and sometimes a review) whilst on-line - but don't forget, our idea was to get the whole publication to you.

What you will need...

Adobe's Acrobat Reader or the "glassbook reader" from Glassbook Inc
If you did not link from the previous page, click here for Adobe's 'site
Acrobat is available for Windows and Mac

or click here for the Glassbook 'site
Glassbook is available for Windows only

and to download the work, Subscriber or "buy-on-the-fly" Service.
The precis & book-of-the-month are always free. Also, an author may offer a work for free from time-to-time.

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