There is little more that you should need in order to enjoy our authors' works.
ebod does not market PCs or Macs (or any reading device) or software although you may from time-to-time find useful links appearing throughout the 'site.
What we offer is:


A supply of Manuscript Binders designed to protect any works that you have elected to print for yourself. These are 200g in weight, treated to have a"weathered" appearance and are bound together with a ribbon. They will enhance your effort and give it a manuscript-like appearance suitable for the bookshelf or coffee table.

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Printers (Not available for all countries)

If you are considering replacing your present printer we have made competitive arrangements with several suppliers for Epson, HP, Lexmark and Canon InkJet/Bubblejet models and HP & Kocera Laser models.

    What you may wish to consider:

    1. Will your output contain colour images (graphics or photographs)?
    2. Will you be able to provide moisture-free storage?

If both answers are Yes, then the inkjet ranges may be appropriate. You should otherwise consider Laser printers which will comforably handle images (being at least 600 dpi models) albeit in greyscale.

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